Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Did You Know That There Are Lots Of Ways To Win SimCity Social?

We all know that but most of our think about downloading cheats that will supply their needs in playing SimCity Social or manipulating the output. But for me I'm not talking on that because many people are already on the kind of gameplay and the badshot for that is when the administrator suspended your account so you can't play the game anymore, the result you will create new Facebook account, but what happen on your progress? it will back to zero so instead of dominating social games in the method why not try mine.

In my case, I'm completing all quest of SimCity Social, earn rewards, earn progress and write it down so that other players can use this guide later on. In return? is a good favor, because when you do something in Facebook this will not be ignore easily and they will return your generosity with other things. This is also applicable in doing bad, they can't forget such infamous incident. In game there is a relation system, friend and foe, while you can build city together with your friends, still you can put some good rivalry around it. Either of the two it will be marked on this experience.

When you say quest, these are numbers of task that you need to complete, it is very recommended if you will read some of reliable website on the internet like what I've shared to you, so you are not like blind who don't know what you are doing but with great pattern everything will be a click of a button.

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