Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Does Electronic Arts Let Cheaters To Hack Diamond?

I don't believe that the will tolerate it since this s the only way they can earn profit. Like what on the official forum said that EA is a company and not a charity so from that they are very serious to make a profit. Try to look even this is on Facebook and we can say that this is free but if you really know how to analyze they are using this games to advertise other products and on the end they are really company.

Did you know that SimCity Social on Facebook is only a part of full pc version of SimCity that is tend to go at market on February 2013. Everyone is waiting for that $60 worth of entertainment and they use Facebook to promote it earlier. Because it is really easy to go viral. Actually sometimes I think about if this is really game of a big part of advertisement although everyone in FB is like this. Full of advertisement, imagine even TV Series has a version of a game only to promote their product.

That is true and the other true is that people bite that kind of entertainment almost half of Facebook user are there to play games and that is the reason why even the biggest man in video games company are spending their time to develop flash games. This is all about promotion and if the user love their game they will spend money for it. In this they are using real money, in SimCity Social, they are using Diamonds that is why I don't believe that they can Hack it. If they can this is like stealing of real money, cybercrime and everyone should let the authority to kill of this kind of attacks.

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