Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where To Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

I'm not living in United States of America but I love their culture especially when it comes to the TV series they produce. To make it direct to the point I want to know where can I view the upcoming season finale of The Walking Dead Season 3 the best part which is the hardest step to approach, but I will not give up although they said that we can use internet for this, but still when that time I visited AMC, the official website it didn't let me to watch online because of my country restriction. Whoa still nonsense and it is really sad to say that there is no MEGAVIDEO existing nowadays. From the very beginning I want to stream the episode 1 - premier but how can I?

Do you know the answer? even the top and most visited for streaming are now failed to comply in their promise. They said that we can catch our favorite TV series but they are all bogus, they are all advertisement. Whoa I don't want to spend money just like what I did before. I still watched the season 2 and the premier without spending money. Though this is annoying especially for the owner of TWD, but I can't help it, I really like the show, but I'm poor what can I do is to go here and make a blog post for someone who are willing to share their own links, only respected and working link are accepted. If you want to spam me, don't ever think because i know the way and I have eaten lots of it in my lunch.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Does Electronic Arts Let Cheaters To Hack Diamond?

I don't believe that the will tolerate it since this s the only way they can earn profit. Like what on the official forum said that EA is a company and not a charity so from that they are very serious to make a profit. Try to look even this is on Facebook and we can say that this is free but if you really know how to analyze they are using this games to advertise other products and on the end they are really company.

Did you know that SimCity Social on Facebook is only a part of full pc version of SimCity that is tend to go at market on February 2013. Everyone is waiting for that $60 worth of entertainment and they use Facebook to promote it earlier. Because it is really easy to go viral. Actually sometimes I think about if this is really game of a big part of advertisement although everyone in FB is like this. Full of advertisement, imagine even TV Series has a version of a game only to promote their product.

That is true and the other true is that people bite that kind of entertainment almost half of Facebook user are there to play games and that is the reason why even the biggest man in video games company are spending their time to develop flash games. This is all about promotion and if the user love their game they will spend money for it. In this they are using real money, in SimCity Social, they are using Diamonds that is why I don't believe that they can Hack it. If they can this is like stealing of real money, cybercrime and everyone should let the authority to kill of this kind of attacks.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Did You Know That There Are Lots Of Ways To Win SimCity Social?

We all know that but most of our think about downloading cheats that will supply their needs in playing SimCity Social or manipulating the output. But for me I'm not talking on that because many people are already on the kind of gameplay and the badshot for that is when the administrator suspended your account so you can't play the game anymore, the result you will create new Facebook account, but what happen on your progress? it will back to zero so instead of dominating social games in the method why not try mine.

In my case, I'm completing all quest of SimCity Social, earn rewards, earn progress and write it down so that other players can use this guide later on. In return? is a good favor, because when you do something in Facebook this will not be ignore easily and they will return your generosity with other things. This is also applicable in doing bad, they can't forget such infamous incident. In game there is a relation system, friend and foe, while you can build city together with your friends, still you can put some good rivalry around it. Either of the two it will be marked on this experience.

When you say quest, these are numbers of task that you need to complete, it is very recommended if you will read some of reliable website on the internet like what I've shared to you, so you are not like blind who don't know what you are doing but with great pattern everything will be a click of a button.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How To Gain Advantage on Playing CastleVille

Most query and high anticipated question everyday we can see it on Google, Yahoo and Bing and still there are no concrete answers for this one. So there is no pause for this revelation i will tell to them their Secrets in playing Castleville and how they play the game more bias on their side. So this is consider as social games wherein the meeting new friends is the inner core. But how this thing can really happen if they can't try to do know the concept of what we call the very first thing to call. Example of it is the how to get more energy. if you have thousands of friends this is very easy for you, you can ask him for any request you want but please pick the people who can understand your ville or what you are doing because not all on your list understand what you are doing, what kind of item you need. And the fact of it make a friends who are using Castleville cheats, in this sense you are ready to get the drop of their software. That is the secrets to gain the advantage on playing Castleville. You are not only toe obtain the fresh but also the high grade technology to extract hacked items, coins, and of course the energy on playing this game.

But if you don't have friendship or any relationship within the game, it is not a good idea for you because you need of course to request for them and ask for their bounty to fulfill it in the game. Of course they don't want that tons of people including the game developer know that they are running a hack for Castleville energy. If this will be publicized well this will be the end of their career as a hacker of definitely they account. Cheats exist but this is the biggest part of every video games in Facebook. So if you find out don't bother not to share it because that will be the safest way you can do to contribute to the programmer and definitely to other players who are hardly striving the game for the sake of fair game.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6 Online | Secrets

What day is today? Another day passed and another episode of The Walking Dead is coming right in your way. Is anyone else here following the second season of said series? Or perhaps The Walking Dead in general? No doubt, a lot of people love this series to think that is might be scary at first glance but right after you watch its episode, you might say that it is something that worth watching for. Zombies are really not that interesting but watching such characters in their great interesting personalities is just one of the reasons why you are now looking forward to watch the trailer of the sixth episode on MEGAVIDEO which is being entitled as Secrets. Everybody got a secret and it’s not surprising anymore but the thing is, watching such romance, action and drama in just one tv series is just way too much entertaining than ever. In every episodes, there are some silly moments that had been showed but still drama and zombie around never failed to catch your attention.

Six episode of the series for its second season is just about to hit your television screens which means that another episode will make giggle on excitement. Until now, Sophia is still missing and there’s no sign of her but just after you saw the last scene in the fifth episode makes you think and predict that the young girl is now dead. Expect the worst but expect a lot of secrets to be revealed as you watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6-Secrets online this week. The previous episode ended with a huge shocker which makes you catch the trailer and previews of the upcoming episodes on MEGAVIDEO before watching 6th episode. Day by day, a lot of things happened but along with it is such questions that keeps on haunting you inside.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Cherokee Rose Episode

In just a short period of time, the vampire chase had been decreases not because the so called walkers are gone but because the group of survivors manages to find a seemingly safe place while they are trying to retrieve the energy that they’ve used during the chase. Searching for Sophia continues but it seemed that this will once again cause another trouble and perhaps unexpected death but it’s better to watch the trailer on megavideo first before predicting anything. Aside from zombie and drama moments, you already saw some romantic flicks between Glenn and the cute country girl named Maggie. It’s really feel good to see some sparks and love growing inspite of the fact that they are all living in great danger but seriously it tickles your heart without even saying that this tv series showed a lot of bloody and flesh eating monsters called zombies.

Download the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4

Another anticipated episode of The Walking Dead is about to hit your television screens. Got some brains? Perhaps reading some spoilers might just make you get confused but good thing , you can still watch the full episodes by means of megavideo without any hassles. Getting ready to watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 online with megavideo? For sure you do and it’s really better to watch the episodes rather than to spend almost half of your time reading some spoilers that could make you get lost. Trouble is rapidly approaching and along with it is the nonstop excitement that you used to feel when you download the episodes of The Walking Dead season 2.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watch Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2

Most of people love to watch, because this is easy as you only need to do is to observe using your eyes than to communicate with other songs and other things to sum up. So expect that people like it than to play. Now that we accept the fact about watching, the next thing to think about is what is our favorite place to enjoy video or full episode? In your place use the comment box below for your answer while in my place I will include this in my article below.

In my opinion and based on my experience, people now a days love to watch online, especially on The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 MEGAVIDEO many research give a proof to us. And the reason? it is simple, they are busy, they don't have much time to go outside and spend this leisure in the big screen but only to open the computer and then stream on MEGAVIDEO, sorry for investing to much word on that video hosting but for me they are the best in giving us the result and saving a time to communicate with other fanatic. Aside from the convenient way of using world wide web as the primary resources of entertainment, I want also to add that this is activities and satisfaction can also be done for free.

On October 23, we can start watching The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Online now , it is still the same venue, push the button of your computer, find the right website that embedded MEGAVIDEO and then buy your pop corn and enjoy it. Don't be in mess since I also see this kind of situation on The Vampire Diaries because not all people are aware that if they missed a single episode there is no hope to look at the back of it. But then if they now that they can still witness this using the video hosting I indicated. There is no survey as you can get it instant but if you have lots of money to burn and can't wait till the good heart share the full episode don't you worry because there is available video for your money only to trust them and to buy the view fee for it.

And that is all about watching online for The Walking Dead MEGAVIDEO but if you still love the old school with your black box television, your free will is yours so come on and put yourself on your couch, click the remote and enjoy the series up side down. Well how about movies? that is our next topic, because that is not available on your television but only MEGAVIDEO can help you.