Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where To Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

I'm not living in United States of America but I love their culture especially when it comes to the TV series they produce. To make it direct to the point I want to know where can I view the upcoming season finale of The Walking Dead Season 3 the best part which is the hardest step to approach, but I will not give up although they said that we can use internet for this, but still when that time I visited AMC, the official website it didn't let me to watch online because of my country restriction. Whoa still nonsense and it is really sad to say that there is no MEGAVIDEO existing nowadays. From the very beginning I want to stream the episode 1 - premier but how can I?

Do you know the answer? even the top and most visited for streaming are now failed to comply in their promise. They said that we can catch our favorite TV series but they are all bogus, they are all advertisement. Whoa I don't want to spend money just like what I did before. I still watched the season 2 and the premier without spending money. Though this is annoying especially for the owner of TWD, but I can't help it, I really like the show, but I'm poor what can I do is to go here and make a blog post for someone who are willing to share their own links, only respected and working link are accepted. If you want to spam me, don't ever think because i know the way and I have eaten lots of it in my lunch.

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